Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Note on Hyperlinks

For those of you who aren't sure why some of the words or phrases in the blog are a different color or underlined, let me take a few moments to explain. These are called hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are a great way to communicate important information that may or may not directly pertain to the information you are reading. Hyperlinks also can convey a concept or image sometimes in subtle manner. For the blogger, the hyperlink is an important tool in his or her toolbox and offers the reader an added dimension of enjoyment.

Here is the boilerplate definition of a hyperlink. Please note that the definition includes many hyperlinks which, contrary to what your 8th grade English teacher told you about using the word in the definition, is OK:

In computing , a hyperlink is a reference in a document to an internal or external piece of information. The most common usage is in the Internet to browse through web pages: some text in the current document is highlighted so that when it is clicked, the browser automatically displays another page or changes the current page to show the referenced content.

To make these magical texts come alive, simply click on them. Some will take you to exciting videos while others will show you photographs. You will also find that I will refer to an old post by utilizing a hyperlink. Hyperlinks are very fun and I encourage you to click on them when you see them. Thank you. The Management

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  1. I am looking forward to enjoying your blog -- especially the hyperlinks, which I'd been ignoring... but have checked out and will also look forward to.

    Much luck on ejecting the ubermensch.