Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pop-up Camping: Third Time's a Charm?

So, we decided to try out our pop-up camper again. This was the third time out and we were hoping to hit a home run in terms of everything functioning on the trailer and good weather. Last time, I was camping by myself in the spring (read: very cold in Colorado) and the heater didn't work and I flood the galley. The time before that, the fridge didn't work and I flooded the galley. We understand that we are not very good at this but we were hoping for a little good camping karma. We didn't get it.  I won't keep you waiting to hear how it went. The heater didn't work, Roby would not go to sleep. The wind picked up during the night an almost ripped the awing off and...I flooded the galley.

The upside was that the state park we camped at, St. Vrain State Park near Longmont, CO, was right next to US 25, had no trees (no shade), was filled with drunk rednecks and mosquitoes, had no bathrooms and it was 94 degrees.

All jokes aside, we had a good time trying to stay out of the heat and we saw a ton of beautiful birds and plants. Check out some pics...

Roby loves to play in the trailer...for about three minutes.

Daddy is making todays catch, Sockeye salmon.
Roby is helping Daddy cook.  Gravel is a nice side dish.

Salmon, Arugla, etc.
Sylvia went for an evening paddle.  She was eaten by mosquitoes and never seen again.

The Front Range in the background.

Morning hike around the Rookery.

Old spillway for the surrounding horse and cow farms. 

Comorants on the lake. 

Nice plant of unidentified nature. 



Sylvia of the identified nature.

See ya!