Saturday, December 5, 2009

What We Be Eatin' Exclusive: Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

As many of you know already, Turduckin was the star for Roby's first Thanksgiving. It seems to me that we should start our run down of the What We Be Eatin' Thanksgiving Day Exclusive with an interview of the star.
I have to admit, Turducken seemed like a mythical beast, like a unicorn or a Liger, before I began my journey to create one. I had heard of people making them, but only audacious fools with thick creole accents and funny white golf hats. Even the portmanteau "Turducken" summons images of something unsightly--as is the common result of forcing some unlikely combination together.

BLOG FAIL: I forgot to post this at last year's Thanksgiving. Wow, I suck.