Sunday, September 20, 2009

baby to be: porro ago ova

Sylvia is now approximately 42 days away from babydom and she is finally looking pregnant. For many weeks now, the general public has questioned her pregnancy due to her size and many mothers-to-be have been upset with her sculpted abs and all-around pleasant outlook on carrying a baby to term. But now, there is no doubt in her progress in gestation - see these helpful illustrations:

As we were creating these informative photographs we began to feel obligated to include some more sensitive examples of belly.

Here is the famous heart photo popularized by Anne Geddes etal. :
Here is a funny one of me thumping her belly to check for ripeness:

Here she is looking like a beautiful pregnant flower:

Hopefully this will quench your belly lust. I suppose I take for granted the belly since I see it everyday.

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