Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snowy Day!

(Roby's First Big Snow Day!)

Hi Everybody!! I'm sure you are all speculating about our snow situation. For those of you who are realists, you have probably surmised that we received just a few inches and are readying ourselves for a Snickers-filled Halloween. For those alarmist who always call me and ask, "are you buried under ten feet of the white stuff?!?," today is your day Chicken Littles! We are indeed getting covered with fluffy, white, wonderful snow. (Our house receiving a feather-hammer double knock )

Of Course, this mere 8 to 12 inches of snow did not stop us from commencing with our usual business. I needed to remove the snow from our renter's driveway and sidewalk. I got into our new Snow Machine (the big police truck) and drove over. The snow was great to plow through. Generally, the city ignores our streets due to the glut of family toting SUVs here in Stapleton. So, I was cutting "first tracks." It kinda looked like this.
I got over there by about 6:30AM and found that my renters were ready to shovel. I guess it slipped my mind that they were from Canada. We shoveled the drive and I headed home.
Next, I had a dentist appointment at 9am. I elected to cross-country ski there rather than drive. I had a beautiful 2 mile ski over to the dentist. The snow had drifted in places that were waist deep and I enjoyed a few tele turns on our small hills in Central Park. After meeting with my minister of pain( that's what I call the dentist), I started towards home. On the way, I met with our friend, Patricia out enjoying the snow with her boys, Ronin and Aidan. After pulling them on their sled, I dropped them off at their house and continued on.
When I got home I found a surprise! Our street, and only our street, had been cleared!

(The clearest street in the land!)

Turns out that nothing will stop the construction workers from finishing their projects! They got out their Backhoe and pushed all of the snow outta the way! This was pretty awesome for most. For Kim, this may not have been the best thing. They created a big berm next to her car, "the Tan Can (that's what I call it)." It is seen here with a big snow puff on its head:

I decided to check out the backyard after seeing the condition of the Tan Can.

The door to my garden wonderland had gone from welcoming to foreboding! I was very impressed by Old Man Winters fury! Here is what the patio area looks like normally:

Here is what it looks right now:

Wow!, Right? Lots of snow! Here is a picture of a huge drift hanging off the house:

Here is a picture of Gov'na enjoying the wintery atmosphere:

But not everybody is outside enjoying the day--there are happenings inside the house as well. Roby is trying on her Halloween outfit courtesy of MiMi :

You didn't think I would write a blog entry without showing Roby did you? Mama and baby are staying in today and resting. Roby was very vocal last night and kept Papa and Mama up all night, but she looked pretty cute in her pumpkin hat so all was forgiven.

Anyway, we are all doing fine in the snow! I am headed to get a mumps shot--I never got one or it never "took" or something and then we can settle in for the night. Tata for now!


  1. Is Roby dressed as a Volunteer???? Mimi appears to be planting the seed.....