Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lack of downhill is looking up!

Something very exciting is finally happening at the Thurmond house, "rebirth" after "the birth." "The birth," of course, refers to the greatest thing that has ever happened to us, Roby! The "rebirth" is that we are finally breaking out of our long slumber that was total baby-stimulated recreation deprivation. Until recently, the baby robot was unable to engage in many of the fun activities that Sylvia and I enjoy but now that has all changed! Today was a Big day. First, we got all of our snow clothes on and got in the car.

Next, we loaded up the car, grabbed the dog and some gear and headed up to the mountains.

Then we loaded up Roby in her backpack and off we went...

By Ski! Well, by foot and then By Ski!

Here we are at the top of our climb! The snow was perfect and the temperature was a very tolerable 32 degrees.

Sylvia was delighted to be back on her skis!

The snow was pretty deep. Govy could only stay afloat with the help DFD (dog flotation device).

It was great trip!

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